Hapless Research 7: A History of Legacy Part 2

Erik and DMoney’s history of Legacy concludes in this week’s episode of Hapless Research!

This time we’re starting in the aftermath of GP Flash Hulk and going step by step through the evolution of Legacy. We’ll discuss what impact various card printings, bannings, and unbannings have had on the format all the way up to the format as we know it today! Curious how CounterTop became Miracles while Canadian Threshold became RUG Delver? Want to know how Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Stoneforge Mystic rocked the format in the first days after their printing? These are just some of the interesting moments in Legacy we cover on this episode.  We also talk some about our feelings on Legacy as it stands and what we might expect from the Legacy GP in Seattle-Tacoma and into the future!

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